Castle Gould in Summer

Friends of the Sands Point Preserve is a not-for-profit organization, formed in 2003 to help ensure the future of this ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Nassau County, New York’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums.  Our mission is to preserve and protect this diverse property in a manner that will enhance its historic homes, vast green open spaces, beachfront, barns and stables, gardens, indigenous wildlife and miles of extraordinary trails.


In 2008, as the County was dealing with the economic crisis, we were installed as the official manager of the Sands Point Preserve and accepted this transfer of responsibility that was approved by the Legislature. The County recognized that we have capable and experienced staff and volunteers, and are in a position to lead the Preserve into the future.

These are just a few of the recent enhancements and many more are planned for the future, including the installation of solar power, funded by Wells Fargo; periodic exhibitions of historic artifacts from the Nassau County collections and other collections as well; and the establishment of a working Hobby Farm in a new agricultural education program.Since our formation, Friends celebrates the significant progress made in every aspect of our conservation and renovation initiatives, educational and arts programming, as well as the expansion of important new revenue sources. We have accomplished a range of essential projects: the trails are being expertly maintained, gardens restored, building interiors and exteriors renovated, and fitness programs established.  The Phil Dejana Learning Center and outdoor classroom opened in October 2011 offering a full season of educational programs for families and schools.   For further information, please see the Projects page.

Much of this progress was made possible by our own fundraising efforts and contributions from neighbors who appreciate the unique value of the Sands Point Preserve.

Our relationship with the County is a public/private partnership, created to ensure the survival of this unique property. We are grateful to our governmental partners for their support and the close working relationship that has developed.

We also recognize the responsibilities of stewardship, so we have engaged experts in environmental conservation, wildlife protection, and public safety to ensure the most effective strategies are set in place.  New York State, Nassau County, the Town of North Hempstead, several local villages and municipalities as well as community organizations have also provided input. Many have taken an active role in doing so. These initiatives will allow Friends to benefit from the best, most forward-thinking policies that embrace biodiversity, sustainability, renewable energy and other related areas, in our day-to-day management of the buildings, grounds and natural habitats.

If you have yet to visit the Sands Point Preserve, come and discover the historic treasure that is of national prominence. If you haven’t been here in a while, come back and enjoy all that we have accomplished.