Design Showhouse 2013

Friends of the Sands Point Preserve gratefully acknowledges the generous Design Showhouse Sponsors and the extraordinary designers who artfully transformed rooms throughout Hempstead House: Beverly Balk Interiors; Baltimore Design Group; Classic Galleries; Liz Cordeiro Designs; Fancy Fixtures; Robinteriors – Robin Liberatore; Metropolitan Institute of Design; Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio; Safavieh Home Furnishings; Le Décor De Maisons De Luxe – Inaam Elias Tahhan; and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” Emmy Award-winning team: production designer Bill Groom and set decorator Carol Silverman. Scroll below to view their rooms.

About the Design Showhouse 2013:

– 2,500 visitors attended the three-week show
– 3,000 programs were distributed
– The show garnered wide critical acclaim and editorial coverage in the New York TimesNewsdayPBS’ NYC Arts, Luxury Magazine, House Magazine, among other publications; click here to see Newsday’s beautiful photo archive.
– 18 special programs took place during the show, including music concerts, lecturers on art, culture, and design, and an art exhibition featuring more than 200 works

DSH 2013 Program Cover


View the Design Showhouse 2013 program here!




DSH 2013 Image - Balk

Beverly Balk – Beverly Balk Interiors, Inc.







Design Showhouse - Baltimore Sun Room

Keith Baltimore – The Baltimore Design Group







Design Showhouse - Classic Galleries Library Photo

Classic Galleries







DSH 2013 Image - Cordeiro

Liz Cordeiro – Liz Cordeiro Design










DSH 2013 Image - LiberatoreRobin Liberatore – Robinteriors







DSH 2013 Image - Sally Miller RoomMetropolitan Institute of Design




Design Showhouse - Messervy RoomJulie Moir Messervy – Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio







DSH 2013 Image - Safavieh

Safavieh Home Furnishings







DSH 2013 Image - Le Decor De Maisons De Luxe

Inaam Elias Tahhan – Le Decor De Maisons De Luxe







DSH 2013 Image - Room of One's Own

Curators Karli Hagedorn & Jean-Marie Posner







DSH 2013 Image - Boardwalk EmpireHBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” Emmy Award-winning team: production designer Bill Groom and set decorator Carol Silverman.